Trial Won't Activate

I’m trying to activate my trial for storyboard pro 5, and after I reach the screen that says “activation successful” and I press the “start” button, it brings me right back to the license wizard and asks if I want to “try now” or “activate now”

I’ve confirmed that I have a product code for the trial on my local license manager, but there are no licenses active on my account and entering the product code from the manager results in nothing.

If you can offer any advice or help on how to resolve this immediately, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you

Hello JoeRyan,

If you have not yet done so, could you please contact

They will be able to assist you.

Best Regards
Marisa Labrador

im having the same problem here? did solved this? ive download toonboom harmony 15 trying trial… when ive finish downloading it installed it, then sign in a pop up of request trial and everytime i click it it open up my browser to toonboom sites into my account back into the products dashboard again and again? can someone please help about this?