Trial version

I have an odd question… so I heard a lot about TBS and I downloaded the trial version a little over a month ago. Problem is I spent most of the time figuring out how everything works that I really didn’t have any time to actually begin to work with it in any real capacity - I mean I finally got around to drawing a few characters - and then learned how to convert my characters into rigs when my time on the demo was up.

So I guess here’s my question… is there any way to re-download the trial version when I have already done so. I only have a single computer so I’m not able to download again on another computer.

Or, if I contact Toon Boom, can they work it so that I can try another demo version?

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



Unfortunately there is no way to run the trial 2 times on the same machine. You would need to install it on another machine if you want to go through the trial period again.

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