Trial version questions

Hello, I have not yet downloaded ToonBoom trial version because I have some questions beforehand, any answers would be much appreciated.

I am planning on downloading the trial version for a school project, because I am evidentally one of the most “experienced in computer art programs” at my school, I am to create an animation with ToonBoom and try to decide if it something good for the school to purchase…

But one of my biggest concerns is that I know some programs have very crippling limitations on trial versions-- are there any limitations on ToonBoom trial? Or is the only limitation that is will last some certain period of time before “expiring,” and I will be unable to use the program? How does ToonBoom’s trial “run out”? I know some programs have all functions disabled, and only a “trial over” error message, but another program I use simply disables the save & copy functions.

Also, exactly how long is ToonBoom trial? I assume it’s 30 from several posts here, but I see someone mentioned 15 days in express…? I’m interested in trying the full version, not express, so can anyone clarify for me exactly how long the trial is?

Thank you.