Trial Version Limitations

What are the limitations for the trial version? I can’t seem to find a list anywhere.

I’m asking because Import > SWF, Illustrator is greyed out in my trial version. It’s one of the key things I wanted to test out.

No limitations at all.
In the Library Panel right-click that folder you would like to use for your illustrator import.
From the drop-down select Right to Modify (the padlock will disappear).
Then import your Illustrator file into the Library.

Thanks, that did the trick.

Nolan, on a library issue. i started my machine this morning and all my library templates have disappeared??? also i am unable to drag and drop frames from timeline to library!
Whats going on here?
i am using an advanced trial version with two days to go but am worried now about activating if there is a bug!
Please help dude.