Trial Version/ Buy version

I’m using the trial version of the program Storyboard Pro, I’ll definitely buy it
I wanted to know if the project file I’m working with will be compatible with the full version.

If I wanted to assign Hotkeys to the zoom command with Ctrl + Z, how do I do it?
I tried with the commands but I can not change them

thank you

The trial is a fully working version. You can generate project files which will be accessible with a licensed version of software.

Customizing shortcuts:

Hello! I just began testing the Toon Boom Storyboard 5.5 trial ( last ten days got an email reminder of my grace period ) and now I am wondering if there is some sort of “studies-trial” license to continue the tutorials?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking but if you’re a student, you
may be entitled to an educational deduction. Also you can rent
by the month.

Thank you for your time, rKriz, Toon Boom TEAM

I had a few issues running StoryBoard Pro 5.5 on Windows. Let me download the same thing and try again on the Mac before committing to any licenses.

Congratulations on the solution, though: loved exporting it both to PDF and MOV!