Trial Version 3.5 Bugs

Hey there!

I just installed the toon boom trial version and tried to animate an imported vectorized image, but whether i rotate, skew or transform it, it won´t work. It´s setting no keyframe. The selecting box around the drawing looks always like have the move button selected.

Well do anyone know something about that???



Hi Delmar,

Are you currently in Drawing view or in Camera view. You can check that with the little icons on top right of the window in which your elements are displayed. The first one is drawing and the second is camera.

The tool you where talking about are exclusives to the camera view. That might be why you can’t seem to use them.

Let us know if that was the problem.

Best regards,


Well, guess I really deserved to be called a newbie.
Sorry for bothering you with this stupid question, but they are loosing no word about this button in the video tuts and the user manuel, maybe i just didn´t find it.

however, thanx for the quick response.