TRIAL- I can't open a project neither on Harmony nor Storyboard Pro

Hi support and boomers,
I just started, I wanted to try the trial of Storyboard Pro 6 and Harmony essential, but after loading, I try starting the app, when I clicked on ‘‘Create Project’’ it just close and do nothing.

So I tried, install QuickTime and updating my Adobe Reader, my JavaScript, I updated my windows 10, my windows defenses, even my nvidia experience.

I checked the requirement and I have the double of each of what is required, so I’m ok to run it.

I saw that someone post ‘’ in edit-properties change to DirectX’’(to help with OPENGL), I have actually DirectX12, and direct3D is active, but I can’t find an ‘‘edit’’ in the launcher…

If someone could help before my 21 days of trial end, it would be a huge help.

I am having the same problem. Was this resolved?