Trial for TB 2.5

I’m considering TB for an upcoming project. Is there any way to get a trial version of 2.5 for OSX?

I have been trying to use the trial of TBS Express 1.2.1 for Mac. I’m on a dual G4 1.25Ghz with 1G ram and 128VideoRAM. It crashes constantly. I’m not really interested in Express, but it’s the only mac trial available.

If the TBS team doesn’t release a trial version, I’m absolutely not going to purchase. I’ll continue working in Flash for all my projects and wait for TAB for the mac to come out.

I can’t see how anyone in their right mind would spend the $$ on this software after reading all the mac issues without trying out a version for stability.

Open prefs>>crashes.
Access menu item>>crashes.
Draw something>>crashes.

I can’t get more than 5 minutes in the app without a crash. I’m very disappointed since I own TBS v 2 on PC (and although I haven’t used it extensively) I don’t remember all the crashing.

In short, I really like the idea behind TBS–but no demo, no $$.

(I know one little guy on his mac isn’t going to make or break the company, but I think I speak for more than one mac user here)

The problem you guys might be having with the v 1x trial is because it was never updated for Panther because v 2.5 was on the way (and only runs in Panther). I have a new 12" iBook 1 GHz G4 and version 2.5 hasn’t crashed yet. I admit I haven’t done much yet because I just got the manual in the mail a couple days ago.

The delay in the Mac version was because the programmers worked on the pro software used for TV and film–or so I was told. Now that the Mac version is coded for Mac instead of just ported from the PC version we should see new Mac and PC versions updated at the same time with the same features and improved Mac performance. I just hope the lack of a Mac version for so long hasn’t hurt the Mac user base enough to reject TBS and have the Mac version dropped like Corel has been doing.

I used the v 1x trial a long time ago, and most of the features I thought it needed to be worth the money have been added in v 2.5. Now I just need to learn how to use them, and I’ll pass on my opinions then.

An Express v 2.5 trial should be enough to see if you like the Full program, though. Express has the same tools and works the same–it just limits the number of frames, camera moves, and things like that and the Full version doesn’t have those limits.