Trial expired

Heard some good things about this software so I grabbed the trial today. Upon starting the program it says I have zero days left and I can either buy or quit. Any way around this?Seeing it was of little use I decided to uninstall - it’s not in the windows list of programs and there appears to be no other way of getting rid of it.I’d still like to have a look but this is an ominous start.

Hi,Under windows if you the software does not allow you to launch it this is most likely related to the fact the OS was configured in a foreign language when you installed the trial and some of the preferences were written with some unknown characters which prevent the proper launch of the trial.Try to configure your regional settings on the machine to be in English unicode and try to go through the install again. As for uninstalling if you run the installer again it should actually try to uninstall first then you will need to run it once more to install the software.Best regards,Ugo

Appreciate the help - I’ll give it a try.