trasing reply

are you saying cut the image in parts then add a layer for each part, put it back together then trase it. the image i trace was one i downloaded complete,why can,t you trase a complete image. then animate it.

Why don’t you go ahead and take a look at the User Guide, or perhaps the Kick Start tutorials. If you go to Help > Help… then in this PDF there is a helpful Getting Started Guide that will teach you the basics of how to use the software. There is a Building a Puppet section here that might help you. When you’re ready to go in more depth, then check out the User Guide. There is Chapter 10, Building a Character.

Toon Boom Support

Think of each drawing as a flat piece of paper where you have the excess paper away. The only way you move parts of that paper indivdually is to the cut the parts you want off.

I think you need to a)watch the kickstart tutorials as advised
b)seek information on cutout animation so you understand what your trying to achieve

Without doing that how do you expect the software to know which parts to move and how?