Transparent Export image sequence (URGENT)

Hi, I was just wondering is it possible to export an image sequence with alpha channels. What I’m trying to do is export several layers of 1 scene (i.e. forground, character, background, etc) because I was to import the sequence into after effects and add some fire effects? I vaguely remember being able to export alpha channel PNGs some time ago and the empty space was transparent, though I can’t remember if it was from toonboom or not. Thanks alot!

EDIT: Btw, I’m using ToonBoom V3.

Well, you have to render each layer separately,
Studio doesn’t have the possibility to do Multi-Pass-Rendering.

In the Timeline right-click the layers: Display / Show/Hide you like to make invisible.
Then render your image sequences with alpha-channel (PNG, PSD, TIFF, etc…).


yea I tried that with PNG extension, ut the empty space around the image still turns out to be solid white. Any way to fix it? And how to I change the file extension to TIFF? They only seem to have the PNG option.

And thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

Using TBS 4 / OSX 10.4.11

Well, the Export-window (Image sequence) should give you all the options…
(maybe V3 was limited here ? I really don’t know)
e.g PNG under Options choose either “Millions of Colours +” or “Best Depth”,
that will give you the alpha-channel (transparent background).