Transparent colour art layer

Hello, Im making a rigged cut out character and I want the colour art layer to be transparent so we can see the background through the character. I can’t just not paint it, because since it is a cut out character you would see the lines that does not suppost to be seen. Im attaching a screen shot of the sketch. I want to make a mask with the body line art and the rest of the parts. I tried to make it with the cutter node but didn’t work. I made a colour art layer from the line art to try to make it work but nothing. I hope this make sence. Is there a way to do this? Please help.

I am also doing a rigger character that needs to show the lines and all the auto patching but be transparent for colour fill. To do this, you’ll need to add the line art node to your drawing output wire so only the line art get rendered, and then connect a colour art node BUT DON’T connect it to your comp. instead just use it to be information. Add cutters below the line art nodes of what you want to cut (keep all your regular auto patches and set up). Connect the mask of the cutter to the colour art output of the part you want to patch. Your character fill won’t show but all the line art will and keep the autopatching etc. you may need to add more cutter below for other layers that may cross but that’s just how it has to be. I hope this helps.

If you want the filled color to be transparent just create a custom color and reduce the Alpha channel.

But if I do that then I would see the lines I dont want to see. For example the arm’s lines that are behind the body. I want to make a mask with the line art of the body. So anything that comes across the line disappears.

There are tutorials and a pre-set up node for joint articulation which allows for overlapping appendages. Have you tried using a conventional cutout rig with the alpha adjusted? Have you actually tested this to see whether it works?

This is a tricky thing to set up. I think I get what you’re going for- like a ghost with a solid outline?

One way might be to create a solid colour on the colour-art layer, that you can use to set the line art of the rig up. That way it will work with the autopatch for the simple joints.
You can use line-art nodes,or layer selectors so the colour-art layers are doing their job cutting the line but aren’t visible to the camera.
Then use those same colour-art layers as a cutter for a big fill layer behind the character. Just a giant rectangle of the fill-colour. Or you can try putting the transparent fill on the underlay layer- but you might get some weird issues where the pieces of the character are overlapping.

You might have to do some creative cutting if you have arms going behind other pieces and want them to disappear.

I can’t think of a super-easy way to do it. :confused:

The only way I can think of doing this effect is if you use a a bitmap composite and then add a transparency for the whole composite. You wouldn’t really notice the black outlines being transparent and the autopatches would still work, it’s how I did the effect here with jessica (left side 0 transperancy, right 100).