Transparent BG in SB Pro 4.2

Hello all, hoping to find answer as how to render w/transparent BG. Essentially, I need to render character layers separate and comp in After Effects, and I’m getting solid color BG’s.

A PNG or TGA sequence w/alpha channel would be fine, not finding the option to change from 24 to 32 bit or adding alpha etc when exporting except to change from QT to swf, .tga or .jpg seq. I’ve of course changed QT settings to Millions+, but no alpha channel in After Effects is present. Just opaque BG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

In case it`s not there:

what if you set a green BG and them just key it out in AFX? :wink:

We’ve thought of that, but have a few hundred panels in each scene, and I have not found a way to copy layers across multiple panels.

I am a new user, but have found only this answer which does not seem to imply it’s possible;

I have tried ‘paste special’, under the Layers drop down, and any other standard and obvious technique for copying and pasting from a singular source to multiple destinations.

If you have an answer there, it would also be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Reanimathor.

Edit; To answer my own question, you have to be in the ‘Drawing Workspace’, to paste layers to multiple panels, or at least, NOT in the ‘Timeline Workspace’.

New problem here, there are a few spots in some character layers that were not filled in where the BG greenscreen layer is showing through. Ugh…

Didn`t know that, thanks for the tip:) I was pasting drawings by hand, panel by panel in Timeline view;)))

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