Transparent Backgrounds


Is there any way of rendering an animation with a transparent background?

I have rendered a space craft in flight (comes through with a white background) and was wanting to composit this with another animation for thruster fire and stars fields in particle illusion. When I put them together, the space craft background blocks out the particle animation when I take it into After Affects.

Is there any way of sorting this out - I can’t seem to sort this out either in TBS or After Affects?

I think that it may have something to do with alpha channels but I would appreciate any clarification?

Many thanks. :-\

You’ll have to export it as QT cos as far as i know flash (wlel in version 2.5) cant do it.

So, when you’re exporting as QT, when the settings box appears (with Full Movie etc) go on the “video compression settings” and in the “depth” choose Millions Of Colours +" The plus means it exports the alpha channel. Btw you obviously need to leave the background in tb clear and not fill it with white :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that helps!


i haven’t used this feature yet, but as i suppose, you should set your background color edited with full transparency (color properties), and export your movie, as it was said before, with millions of colors + (’+’ stands for an alpha channel)


My background is ‘empty’ but I will let you know how I get on with your advise.

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Wahey, it works!!

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