Transparent background in rendered quicktime movie

How do I get a transparent background in a quick time movie? When rendered the movie has a black background after following the steps in help files.(version 7.1)

Make sure there is no background layer in the viewport…
Use a codec that supports an alpha channel (transparency) like Animation etc…
Make sure that Compressor Depth is set to “Millions of Colours +”.
The “+” represents the alpha channel.

Import this movie into your favourite video editor, or back into Studio, the background will be transparent.

I followed your instructions above but the QuickTime video still has solid background. Any Suggestions?

The Movie may still show up with a black or white background when you open it in QuickTime.
QuickTime doesn’t show a chequer-board pattern like Photoshop.
Bring this movie into another software like Premiere or Final Cut and you will see that the background is transparent.
If that still doesn’t work, you might have to contact the Toon Boom Team.

Background is still solid. Thank you for your replies. I will contact the Toon Boom team