Transparency problems with imported bitmaps

Hi guys,

I want to import bitmaps with transparency into Toon Boom,
but the transparency shown in both preview and render views is sooo wrong.

I tried to import different file formats, all are very inaccurately rendered and previewed, each in its own peculiar way.

I exported files from Sketchbook and Krita, all supported formats I could, none seems to be working correctly.
tiff files seem almost correct though, but the colour of it almost completely missing.

Any advice about these kind of troubles ?
Have a nice day guys.

Sketchbook 8 here.

If you have some time maybe you can confirm this, here what happens here :
1 pic, 1 layer partly transparent with colors, white background not visible.
Exporting from sketchbook to png tiff and psd produces 3 very different results in my XnView pics browser.

psd is not transparent, as I told you, it’s like it has a forced black background on export, though it was white in the original sketchbook tiff.

If you don’t have time well…
no big deal. it’s not a sketchbook frum after all.

So thx anyway

Saving from SketchBook as PSD with Alpha channel creates indeed a black background ?
Looks like Harmony can’t read the Alpha channel from Sketchbook properly ?

Work around:
Importing this PSD file into Pixelmator, or Photoshop Elements the background shows transparent.

Importing this file from Pixelmator, or Photoshop into Harmony the background is transparent.

Thx NolanScott.

Yes, that’s what I did with Krita.
Took my sketchbook file to Krita and exported from there.

From sketchbook every format export comes out as a different result.
From Krita they’re all the same, with correct transparency.
One thing clarified.

Toon boom though is still unable to read them correctly.
nothing new on that end.

Still searching.

Well, I am using SketchBook Pro 6 and Pixelmator Pro 1.7
All images importing nicely with transparency into Harmony.

TIFF, PNG, PSD etc. should all work.
Import Transparency Alpha as Straight.

TIFF, PNG, PSD etc. should all work.
…that’s what I thought.

Only Psd allows me to choose an option.
Straight is no better though.
psd exported from sketchbook seem to have a forced black background, so transparent it’s not in Toon boom.
psd exported from Krita behave as png, and as anything else coming from Krita by the way:
black and white with weird colourful spots on the preview, super wrong flashy pink on the render view.

Thx for the hand NolanScott.
still searching…

Maybe a reinstall is what I need.