Transparency module problem

This is not the first problem with transparency in Toon Boom. When I attach a transparency module to a cut-out character it becomes transparent but it shows all its structural elements which shouldn’t be visible. I tried to change mode to “as bitmap” in settings of the composite module but it gave nothing.

You need to connect the elements you want transparent (MA_CU_FULL_FRONT) to their own composite, then connect that composite to the transparency module, then connect the transparency module to the main composite.

Yes, I have own composite of the group MA_CU_FULL_FRONT inside it and it is connected to transparency module which is connected to the main composite. Also I tried to change a mode of the composite of the group to “as bitmap” but nothihg has changed.

Yes, your character will have a composite inside the group, but you need to add a composite between the group and the transparency module (I’m looking at the pic you posted and there is no composite between them). This composite basically flattens all the elements in that group to be read as one element, so that you don’t see the overlap.

EDIT: Hmmm, I don’t know why it’s not working for you. I just recreated what you have set up and it works fine for me. Sorry, I tried!

Are you able to post a pic of the setup inside your character group?

DessieX, thanks for trying!

Here is the picture of group -

Before to write the post I’ve tried to add a composite between the group and the transparency module but this didn’t help.

Maybe this problem connected with that all elements of the character are bitmap which imported as vectorized items and Toon Boom doesn’t work with them correctly. I don’t know…