Transparency looks to fix?

In Animate, I’m trying to do an effect where a cutout angel character gradually appears onscreen (goes from zero transparency to full transparency). The problem is, when I put a transparency filter on it, the angel looks really blotchy during the transition…like his clothes are see through and you can see spaces around the arms and legs.

See pic:

I definitely don’t want this…is there a way to make it so that it’s a smooth transition, and all the parts show up evenly?

Are you using Animate 1?

I messed around with this and, as usual, Lily is right about turning on the render view. The other thing you should do is to group your character with a Composite module and make sure the Composite type is set to As Bitmap with Input Ordering 3D. The Bitmap setting flattens the elements so they appear as one image.

The Transparency module can either be inserted between the new group and the Composite for the whole scene or inside the group between the Composite and Output modules. I think the later is what you have to do with the non-pro version of Animate, not sure.

The above solves the problem but my reasoning may be flawed since I figured it out through trial and error–not because I really knew what I was doing ;D

Aha! Yep, it totally shows up correctly in the Render View. I feel silly now. :slight_smile: haha!

I’m glad it flattens it…I only have Animate 1, so I’m happy there was a fix!

You got it working in Animate 1(non-pro)?

I could never do that. In my book of dead video you can see the problem a little bit if you look but I tried to hide it.

Does it show up like that in the Render View too, or just in OpenGL?

Click on the blue flower to enable Render View and double-check the final render.

There are some basic effects that can be viewed in OpenGL, but if you really want to preview your render then you need to check it out in Render View.


The problem with Animate (not pro) is that they don’t have access to a Composite module where they can set the composition type. Or groups, either. By default, in Animate, when you do a Transparency effect it is supposed to flatten the image at that point. But I believe that a change was made between Animate and Animate 2 - in Animate 1, I don’t think it did this flatten, whereas in Animate 2 it does the flatten by default. But I can double-check this to be sure.

But Zeb, it seems like you understand very well what is going on! When it’s not flattened, you get each layer on top of the other, with the transparencies added. When you flatten it first, then you get the transparency applied to the whole.