transparency issue on export


I’m using an older version of Studio on this machine which is fine for now, altho’ I do have 4.5 for when I upgrade my processor.

At times I can import an animation/quicktime into FC Studio’s Motion and at other times I have a white of black background.

The drawings for the animation are created mostly in Photoshop using layers. They aren’t flattened.

I vectorize them in ToonBoom and animate, afterwhich I export as a quicktime file, 12 fps, millions of colors+.

I don’t know why it works sometimes and sometimes not? meaning that when I import the movie I make in ToonBoom into Motion it comes in at times transparent, with no background, and at other times with a background which is what I’m now experiencing.

I’ve tried all I can think of. If anyone has any tips I’d greatly appreciate it!

Well, I presume you’re using either the “Animation” or the “PNG” compression…?
Both should work nicely… (here with FCE they do indeed).
I guess, you made sure, that no background-element, or else, in Studio was active ?
(and Millions of Colours+ was always chosen ?)


Hi Nolan,

I have nothing in the background at all. I went to Import and Vectorize to import each Photoshop layer. But, It’s not transparent when I import the final animation into Motion. I have been using “Animation,” for compression, yes. As far as background elements active or not: all I see in the drawing and camera modes is the grid…could something else be lurking there? gosh. I don’t know why this isn’t working and it’s very frustrating.

Well, sounds fairly odd, and I can understand your frustration…

Unfortunately I don’t have “Motion”. so I can’t check…
(hopefully nothing is lurking there…)

If you import those movies into Final Cut, or back into Studio, do you have the same issues…?
(are you able to post one of those movies somewhere (iDisk?) for downloading…?)



It seems that the problem arises when I import a vectorized image. If I go to Element, import Image and then trace the image in ToonBoom I can import into Motion as a transparent layer. However, I have been able to import vectorized imagery from ToonBoom into Motion with a transparent layer, so the problem is intermittent…troubling and odd.