Transparency Gradient?

Hey Animators,

I’m playing around in a demo version, and was just wondering if I can make a drawing that has 100% opacity at its head, but 100% transparency at its feet. A ghost, in other words, fading away at the bottom. I see there is a uniform transparency module, but no way to make it a gradient, as I can do in CorelDraw, for example.

Thanks, I’d love to know if Toon Boom Animate Pro can accomplish this. Cheers.

Using Animate 2, so can’t speak about Animate 2 Pro…
You might be better off using a Mask instead of the Transparency Effect…
If you like, here is a simple project-file:
(file has been removed)
You might have to render the view to see the effect…


Thank you Nolan and Lilly!

Nolan, your file is exactly what I needed. The result is exactly what I wanted:

There’s a weird banding caused by the glow (barely noticable in this youtube vid), but I see that it doesn’t occur when I render frames, only when exporting a movie.

Thanks again, I’m slowing working through the list of everything I want to accomplish, and so far Toon Boom is ready and able.

That is a beautiful shot!

Oh & Nolan, excellent tip (just tried it)


You can always paint with a colour pot that has a gradient in it, as well, and make one of the colours have an alpha of zero.


For banding, when you export images, they are uncompressed, so there’s no banding there. It’s when you export a movie, as it does the compression, it gathers like colours together and you get banding. You can try the H.264 export, with Keyframes: All, but there may be additional processing that’s done on the import to YouTube that will bring the banding back.