Transparency effect not exporting to swf

Pardon the barrage of questions. There will no doubt be more as I continue to evaluate the product.
This is using the Windows version of the application. Build 7.9.0 (6015) (2010-09-15 03:47:49)

I have a transparency effect layer which is working fine within the application (OpenGL view). However when exported to .swf, it doesn’t show. The swf export dialogue is set to export all available effects. I have tried restarting the app, which didn’t help. Alpha settings applied within color swatches export fine, it’s just the transparency effect which isn’t exporting. I have not tested other efects just yet.
Is there something I may be missing? Thanks for any help.


I have been able to get the transparency effect to export when making a simple test with a fresh scene file. I tried deleting content in my original scene to make it as simple as possible, but the issue still reproduces. I may write to tech support about this and offer to send over my file if needed.

I’ve also found that altering alpha using the Color-Scale effect DOES export to .swf properly. So I am using that approach for now.

Also, this is using the standard version of Animate 2, rather than the Pro version.

Yep, that’s very similar to the simple test I had done as well, which also worked fine for me. I then also tried embedding the effect within a symbol (as my more complicated scene does), which worked fine. I have not yet isolated what the more complicated scene may be doing which is influencing the swf export of the effect.
When exporting the more complicated scene, the “report” doesn’t mention anything suspicious. This scene does use a few mask effects, but they are not rigged to the transparency effect nor vice versa.

I’ve since sent some sample files to, though it’s too early for any conclusions just yet.

Watch out, software issues. Super Lilly’s back in town! ;D

The helpdesk thread is stored under ticket # SD00000654. It’s been merged with the earlier thread concerning the Default Separate Position.

Okay I just ran a test here - and for sure did it with Animate 2 this time, not Pro - and it works for me.

Here’s what I did:

- I added two drawing layers. One layer just has a red circle in it.
- Then I added a new drawing layer. This one has a yellow line across it.
- I added a transparency effect. I then dragged and dropped the yellow line layer onto the transparency effect.
- I then tested the swf export with the “Test SWF Movie” button. Everything here looks hunky-dory.
- I then ran another test by doing a File > Export > Swf. I did NOT check any of the checkboxes, since that disables effects. I then did the export. Also, if something isn’t working how you’d expect, then it’s always a good idea to click on the “Report” button to see if there was any useful information there.
- I then opened up the swf file, and everything looked fine there as well.

Did you do something similar? On the more complicated scene, is there a series of effects?


Okay great - when I get back into town I’ll talk to whoever’s working on your scene and perhaps see if I have some time to take a look at it myself. We’ll track down the problem. :wink: