Transparency (alpha channel ) question

Hi, I’m new to toon boom and struggling!!!
Is it possible to set alpha channels so that when I export movie, I can put it into after effects and add backgrounds to it.
I am just doing line animations drawn each frame. I would like to have my character exported but the background transparent.
Is this possible??
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Make your animation drawings without any background element, then:

1. select File>Export Movie

2. On the Export dialog box select for your Export Format: "Image Sequence"

3. Choose the “Options…” button next to Export Settings

4. Then on the Export Image Setting dialog choose PNG for the Format:

5. and also on the Export Image Settings dialog choose the “options…” button and select "Millions of Colors +"

Your exported images in your image sequence will have a transparent alpha channel background. -JK

I wish I had read your reply before spending ages working that out!!! Thanks very much for your help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Media

" Make your animation drawings without any background element" how ?, I am using the Trial version so I wonder if this is affecting my transparency , so the Toom Boom logo still shows ?. might be time to upgrade, its a great program, just need to be convinced it can do what I need it to !


Solved, newbie issue, I had another drawing layer still visible when exporting camera view … dod !