Translating Multiple Drawings on the Same Layer


This is a really simple question, but I couldn’t find an answer in the documentation, or on the web.

How do I translate (move) multiple drawings on the same layer?

For example, I want to shift 5 animation drawings of the same character down a little bit, but retain their registration relative to each other. I’ve tried different approaches, but can only get TB to translate one drawing at a time.


I checked the other two threads I posted, but didn’t see your response there. Can you let me know which thread that was?


I responded in your other thread, let me know if it helped.


I’ll just write a new response here.

There are two ways of shifting over multiple drawings. You can either move ALL the drawings that are on a layer with the Reposition All Drawings tool (nested underneath the select tool). Or you can just attach a peg layer as a parent, and put a key to reposition some drawings, then put another key later on where the drawings are fine and you can set it to be a Stop-Motion keyframe so there’s no interpolation.