transitons and camera moves are not rederring or displaying on playback on SBP 4.2

Suddenly my transitions and camera movements do not display properly in the play back or when I scrub over the transition on camera movement.

I can see the transition on the time line but it just pops from one scene to the next . The handles on opposite scenes in the transition are plenty long. Also it is even a problem when I look at old projects that have cam moves and transitions. the worked fine previously but now they don’t work.

In the camera moves I can see the wire frame border of the camera movement moving but it is not showing the scene zooming the way it would look on screen in a final show.

I may have reset my view or something simple like that . I was playing around with 3D features to learn how to use them and that’s when it stopped working properly. But now even when I go back to looking at previous 2 D scenes or try to create a new one in 2D I still don’t see the scene zoom in .

I am using Windows 10 if that makes any difference although I haven’t had any problems like that for the last 2 months that I’ve using windows 10.