Hi, I would like to make a suggestion: it looks that it is only possible to make transitions between shots and not between panels inside the same shot. It makes sense from the editing poit of view, because once we have a transtition, we have, obligatorily, a scene change. But I think it would be better if we can do transitions between panels too, because from the animating simulation point of view we sometimes use transitions between images to make it look better. So I think it would be an improvement for the software.Thanks,Eduardo Amodio

It is exactly the same opinion.
When creating an animatic for presentation to the client, not animatic as a design drawing of video production, it is necessary to clearly show cuts of cut clearly visual. For that reason it is a good solution to transition between panels. I strongly hope to control the transition for a certain duration between panels without changing the duration of the scene.

I’m wondering about the same thing… I’m doing a live action project with several to a dozen panels grouped into a number of scenes. I’d like to adjust the panel to panel dissolve to make it a little softer. Is there a setting I can adjust, similar to what there is for panel duration? And if so, is there a way to apply that change to all panels that have already previously been created?