Transitions vs timing

I have been having some difficulty with the transition feature.
I cannot find a way to add or change a transition without altering the timing of the whole project, from the transition onward.
This throws out minutes of carefully planned and timed panels.
SB is really an awesome application but this behaviour is very strange and is causing a great deal of problems for my production.
Will SB3D have this error fixed?
I say error here as it is a rather grave error in judgement to deem this acceptable behaviour in a program that is essentially about planning and timing. It has been difficult to explain why my edit keeps changing when parts have been approved by the client(s).
Thanks very much in advance :slight_smile:

The way that the software works is that it takes the two scenes and overlaps them to perform the transition. So if you have a transition of one second, then it will shorten the overall timeline by one second in order to overlap the scenes.

So you might wonder why it doesn’t do that in most video editing software. Well, in most video clips, you’re just taking a small subselection of the clip - but the clip itself exists before and after the subselection that you’ve got there. That means that there’s extra video footage before that it can take and use to make up that transition.

With ours, there is no extra at the beginning of a clip to use in order to preserve the length. So you might say, well, why don’t you just add enough extra timing to make them match up? But if we did this, it would affect things like layer movements and camera angles. So it’s not a very robust solution.

If you want to you can extend the length of one or both scenes in order to compensate for overlap. So if you know that you want to have a 1 second transition, increase the length of each by 0.5 sec, or increase the length of the first or the second by 1 sec. Just be aware that if you have things like animated panels then it will adjust the timing of the animation.