Transitions Greyed out and unusable

I am currently unable to use transitions in any of my projects.
Might there be a setting in preferences that I’ve missed that if toggled disables the use of transitions?

I have, up until now, never needed to use this feature, thus I’ve only just stumbled upon the issue.

The ‘New Transition’ and ‘Delete Transition’ icons in the ‘Storyboard Toolbar’ are permanently greyed out.

I recently updated to: 4.2 10.2.2(10324) from 4.1 10.2.2(8608)
however I still have 4.1 10.2.2(8608) on my second licensed machine which appears to have the same problem.

Post a screenshot or better yet, contact support to have a look on your system.

Hey - Is your piece broken up into scenes?

Yes, Scenes and sequences.