Transition flashes

I’m using SBP for an animatic. In the animatic I need to create a glow inside a character. In order to achieve this I’ve been using transitions with dissolve.

In the preview in the program it looks great but when I export it as a video it gets these weird flashes where other things such as white or gray shading (things that are identical in both panels) flash. I have an example. You can see that the red fades in like I want it to but around it things flash, which I don’t want.
Is there away to fix this or a different technique to achieve the same glow effect.

Thank you very much,

Please provide more details regarding how you have created the glow effect.
Have you tried isolating to different layers only the parts that are supposed to glow?

In theory you can get similar results by duplicating the panel and repainting the “glowy” parts. In the original use the non-glow muted (or black or no-colour) colour and in the glow panels substitute the over-saturated (and diffuse) colour.
This is likely what you are already doing.

The issue is really due to the dissolve. A dissolve will fade out one image and simultaneously fade-in another. There are no precise control over the amounts of the fades. If there are back-to-back panels (one without glow, one with), I think the intent would be clear regardless of the dissolve effect.

If the output is an animatic and this is the only thing the animator will see, you can do a more controlled dissolve effect using a video editing software.