Transforming Objects

I am using Animate Pro 3

I’ve been building a new puppet and need to duplicate and flip horizontal some different objects I’ve created. (think eyes, eyebrows, arms, legs sort of thing.)

Each object has been drawn with a pencil in the line layer and then color/filled in a different layer.

When I try to select and move the object it will only select either the line or the color but not both at the same time.


Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 7.52.32 PM.png

When you say it’s been color/filled in a different layer, do you mean on the color art layer? If so I don’t think you can flip them together unless you use the transform tool (under the yellow animate button on the toolbar) and have “Preview Line and Color Art” selected. Or you could also flip using the animation menu flip command or layer properties (under advanced, alignment) but this is just flipping the instance of the original drawing and not really recreating a new drawing. The value of the object won’t be at 0 which may cause problems when you’re animating.

What I would do is just flip the line layer with the select tool and then recreate the color art layer for each object. I think it would be a lot easier than flipping with the transform tool and you’d maintain correct proportion and make an original drawing.

Wow what a headache! This makes me reconsider ever using the color art layer, it seems a lot easier just to put everything on the line art layer huh?