Transforming an object in the camera view


Could anyone explain to me how you can change a drawing object in the camera view without changing the one(s) in other key frames of that same object?

What I do is copy a cell and paste it as a new object in a new cell. It works when I change the shape, size or position of an object in the drawing view, but it doesn’t when I change the object using the camera view. If I do, the objects in other key frames change in the same way.

I hope it is clear to you what I mean.




Use the Drawing select tool to select your element in the camera view. Then copy. Select a new empty cell (probably would be better in the xsheet) then click in the camera view and paste. The important thing is that you need to make sure to use the drawing select tool rather then the animation select tool.

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Hi Ugo,

This is so helpful, thank you! I tried and it works. I wish I would have asked this before spending hours of trying to find out myself. Next time I know what to do :wink:

Thanks again!