Transformation switch losing drawing path


I am animating a single drawing which has 3 deformations attached. one bone, one curve and one 3 point curve deformers. For some reason in certain areas along the time line the drawing path just disappears and I am unable to select any of the deformers. they are still in the list and the drawing is still there in the layer and visible.

Ive attached 2 images one you can see that the drawing path is there and the next image is from the very next frame and it disappears. About 20 frames later it works again before breaking again after a few more frames. No copy/pasting of frames works. they alway break in the same place.

I am on a tight deadline and any help would be greatly appreciated.


To solve this issue:
Go to the peg above the deformers group, key frame the frame before the drawing disappears (call this one A),
Copy this keyframe, paste to end of scene (call this one B),
Copy the one you just pasted (B), and paste one frame after the initial keyframe (one frame after A).

I don’t know why it works, but it works for me.

Faced the Same Issue in Harmony 20, Solution Below!

My initial rig works as you expect. However in my case I have other characters who are similar in shape and size that I wanted to re-use my rigs on. I copied the deformer network I created for the first character, across to the other characters, and plugged everything in, went into edit mode and resized the deformers to the new characters, and everything seemed peachy!

I went to animate,
Now the deformers on all my characters drawing layers ONLY appear for two frames.( As I had had the drawing exposed for 2 frames I assume.) Then the transformation switch panel goes blank in the properties panel for the “Drawing Path” field.

SOLUTION: You need to reassign the new drawing layer to the transformation switch of the parent deformation chain (Easier than it sounds) Attached are the two steps:

Select the drawing layer at the top of your Chain that the deformer is attached to:
Step 1:

Step 2 Click the “Associate Parent Transformation Switch with Selected Element” Button Phew! (This will be found in the Deformation Tool bar, and will only be active when you have the drawing layer in question selected).
Step 2:

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