transformation switch issues


Possibility to assign a drawing to a newly created transformation switch. Right now the only way I could find is to add a deformation chain to the drawing in question and taking the switch from it.
EDIT: there is hidden button in the deformation toolbar to do exactly this! I guess I have to re-read the docs once again :slight_smile:

When duplicating a drawing (like adding a mouth shape based on another), would it be possible that the new drawing is assigned to the same transformation switch as the original? I’m not talking about assign a deformation chain (that is easy enough with the deformation toolbar). I find transformation switches very useful outside deformations, as a way to affect z coordinates depending on the name of the drawing. I end up having several switches that have to be edited by hand.

Also when renaming a drawing it would be great to have that updated in the transformation’s target (or at least prompt to), although this problem can be avoided with careful planning, it won’t hurt :slight_smile:

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BTW, when copying/cloning/duplicating transformation switches sometimes the target is lost inside a time interval. It looks from outside like there are some kind of hidden keys there. The only fix is to recreate the switch. It there are keys there, they should be editable, and if not, why this happens? But this is not the right topic for this…

EDIT: assigning the target to a newly created switch avoid all this problems.

Thanks for the suggestion! Will look into that last one with the “hidden keys”. Can you tell me which version of the software you are using?


I’m using version 14 in mac (el capitan). I find it difficult to reproduce, but it has happened a few times while rigging (to me and my partner). I think at least one person had the same problem in the forum some time ago. I’m not sure if it happens with version 12 too. I think it did.
If I manage to create a simple example I’ll send it to support.
Once you know how to fix it it doesn’t take much time, and it does not happen spontaneously, only on the time of creation. I’ve been thinking that maybe copying the switches with comand+B and some options checked may avoid the issue.

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EDIT: thanks to support I now know how to create switches from scratch. I won’t need to copy them so often now so I hope this won’t be an issue any more. Thanks.

In release version of 14 transformation chains are broken and anything connected in a chain will wrong cordinates/positioning and kinematic output will not work either. There has been no public release to fix it, you’ll have to contact the support team for them to send you a beta version of harmony 14 that fixes it (I have the fix and it works properly as it did in 12).