Transformation Switch : Animating the function (keyframe)

Hi, I’m trying to switch between two deformation chains I’ve created in my scene for my characters leg. When I’ve watched tutorials as well as read instructions on Toon Boom the Transformation Switch appears to have the “Function” ability that would allow me to switch from one chain to the other in the same scene. But my Transformation Switch does not have this option, and I don’t know what I’m missing to enable that.


Capture 3.PNG

Capture 1.PNG


you can assign a different transforamtion chain to every substitution image of your drawing node/layer.

Everytime a substitution image is exposed, the deformation chain which is assigned to it will be used/switched to. In other words, you control the switch by swapping images.

Each substitution image will keep its assigned transformation chain throughout whole scene. This parameter can not be animated.

Ok, so if I duplicate my image (in this case “Right_Leg”) on the timeline - so I would have two Leg images substitutions and those are assigned their own rig. That makes it even easier! I’m still learning and this one is huge. Thank you, Stefman, I appreciate it!

You are welcome.

Well, let’s say that the whole node structure belonging to your character is the “rig”.

Both images of your “Right_Leg” drawing layer/node can be assigned to different transformation chains that are part of the same deformer. In your case, you could assign the first substitution image to chain “1” and the second one to chain “2”.
But, you don’t have to. Both images could also be assigned to the same chain or to none at all, as well.

Yes, it’s quite a big thing to understand, these deformers. They have grown over several versions of Harmony to become the powerful feature they are today.

They are definitively worth understanding. Chances are that you’ll love them, once you’ll have understood the genious logic behind. :slight_smile: