Transform Tool

I have done somthing i think, but, at this point in time my Trasform tool is useless. I can’t move my puppet, rotate a limb, anything. If I want to move somthing i have to marquee it then use the arrow keys. not sure what i crewed up, but i did somthing. i know for sure i dont have the animation button on, on the layer i want, or whole puppet… ???

YES IT WAS! (thanks)

FYI for anyone; who upgrades a toshiba laptop to Win7, you have to do a rest of your laptop after install (remover battery, hold power button for 15 sec, then replace battery) then install amd/ati catalyst control center, then just keep up updating your Windows (if u dont have auto update on), and Microsoft has a update that fixes the issue.

Thanks for pr putting me in the right direction Lilly ;D

This sounds like a graphics card problem. What graphics card does your computer have? What operating system are you running? Have you installed the latest drivers for your operating system?