Transform tool stopped working

I’ve been using Animate for nearly a year.
Today, for the first time, I can’t get my Transform tool to work.
When I click on the drawing, it turns from black to purple,
but the little white squares (handles?) no longer appear so
I can’t manipulate it. Extremely frustrating. Please advise.
~ Justin

OK, now it’s working. Don’t know why – I changed nothing.
Happy that it’s working, but frustrated by the amount of
inexplicable bugs Animate seems to have. Are there patches
or anything I should know about?

I have the same problem… The the transform tool don’t works but the advance animation tools yes! To select an object with the transfrom tool I have to slide the cursor over the object, because to touch it don’t works. In same form happens with the edit gradiant an texture tool… is possible to move but not rotate. My Aniamate pro 2 versión worked very well untill the past week when I had to format my PC. I was in Windows XP SP3 and i´m in the same os now.
There is not aero themes and the PC has a Nvidia GForce 5200… Same it had before the formating when Aniamte Pro worked well.

I have installed a PLE version in another pc with Windows 7 and the program has the same problem…

I think i found the solution. the version of windows i used after format my PC was not original or lt was not full. I have formated my PC with a Windows XP full version, i have re installed my Animate Pro and it is working OK… the problem disappeared.

If this is the solution for someone else, please comment it here… In the forum there are some people with the same problem but without an effective solution till now.

What graphics card do you have on your computer? This problem is usually related to the graphics card.