Transform Tool not working. Why?

I got training for animating on Animate Pro and have downloaded the PLE to practice at home. I just installed Windows 7, then installed Animate Pro PLE. I am following the KickStart video, building the butterfly, then when it came to animating, I selected the Animate Tool button and the Transform Tool button… But I cannot free transform using my pen/mouse. Why? I’m stuck at this point and I can’t practice for my new job. Please, please help…

In order to use the Transform tool you need to be in the camera view. You cannot use the Transform tool from the drawing view. Make sure you have the camera view selected, then you should be able to select your drawing with the transform tool.

I was in camera view and it still wasn’t working.
I found out though, that because I installed the new operating system, Windows 7, I had to update the video card THEN the Wacom driver. Must be in that order. Then, it worked. Thanks to tip from a co-worker.