transform tool issue

I have created an object and the pivot is placed correctly.

However when i move it with the transform tool it rotates correctly however it goes the opposite direction to what I attempt to move it.

What have i done to do this?

How can i fix it?

I am unable to replicate this behaviour. Is there some additional information that you can think might help me replicate it? Do you have the drawing attached to a peg, or several pegs? Is it in a hierarchy? Did you scale it so that it flipped and went on the opposite side? Even when I do this, the transform tool still works correctly, but just in case…

Any additional information you could give me or a screenshot might help.

Toon Boom Support

I think I know what I did :-[ ;D

I think i created a character with all symbols and then resized it using the wrong transform tool(the one meant for drawing) when importing it into the scene (and also flipped it). When I should of used the animated transform.

As for how to fix it I don’t know except not do it in the first place. But it wasn’t a huge deal at the time and something i will avoid in the future.

Thank you for posting your issue here - it can indeed sometimes be confusing the difference between the select tool and the transform tool.

Toon Boom Support

That is what happens when your self taught :slight_smile:

You learn by making mistakes.

I am constantly improving which is all that matters (since I am just a hobbyist)