Transform tool help

I’m just coming from flash to Toon Boom Animate 2 PLE and I was learning via the Documentation and coming from flash I noticed that the transform tool in animate has manipulation points but I can’t use the mouse to manipulate a object via these points like in flash.

Every time I select an object with the transform tool and the 4 manipulations points are displayed around the object, in trying to use the points by clicking on them with my mouse, the object is deselected.

That being said, the only use left with the transform tool for me is moving an object via the scroll button on the mouse.

Although I use the tool properties as an alternative but I just wanted to know if It’s possible to manipulate an object via the transform tool’s manipulation points and if it is possible,what am I doing wrong.
PS:It will make things much easier for me if there is! :smiley:


you need to use the countour editor tool to manipulate the points.

The transform is only meant for basic transforms like scale, rotate and translate.

Yes thats what I was saying. I may have expressed myself badly in saying manipulating the points which made you feel I was referring to the contour’s job.

Now you said that the transform tool is meant for basic transforms like scale, rotate and translate, these are the very things I was referring to that I can’t do in the camera view, they can only be done in the properties panel.
The only thing I can do is translate (using scroll button?)

if you aren’t editing the drawing but setting up for the camera you should probably be using the animate transform tool, not the drawing transform tool.

Not sure if you answered my question but let me break it down.
Is there any way that you can use the transform tool to scale,rotate etc other than in the properties tab?

yeah, if you can’t it isn’t working as would be expected.

I just tested with both the standard transform tool and the animate transform tool and had no trouble using the scale/rotate/translate.

Does it work in any of the other views?

No it doesn’t work in animate mode nor without animate mode, the arrows you normally see on the four corners to scale the object wont appear when I pass my mouse on the points(same goes for rotate).

The only alternative I have like I said before was going in the properties panel and changing the X and Y values.

you should directly email support although you might not get a reply for a few days cause it is the weekend. Clearly that isn’t what should be happening.

If you use the drawing view instead of camera view do you still get that behaviour?

Well I went in the drawing view,but the tool doesn’t seem to work at all,standard of animate mode. I’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong but I get that cursor icon(you know, the one with the slash in the circle).

I’ll try to email support but it really isn’t a biggy for me just to let you know,I will just have to stick to the properties panel, besides to me it’s a small price to pay :smiley: compared to all the wonderful features of this software.
And if it is suppose to work in drawing mode, then that will be a biggy for me :smiley:

I started 2 days ago and I’m hooked so far, but just in case you do get a solution check me out :smiley:


Hey, I just wanted to clarify something.
I’m using the advanced animation buttons and they work perfectly!, rotating scaling and translating!
Its a very good alternative.

It sounds like your translate tool is just broken. Using pegs or just animating elements I can’t find a series of properties to get my translate tool to stop working.
I have had strange things happen with display options, for example if you run your settings at a lower color resolution then your brush tool will only work every second stroke… It’s certainly not a logical problem. but check your computers settings to make sure your not running at a low resoultion or if your computer meets the requirements to run the software propperly.
If all these are fine then you may want to try re-installing the software, it may be corrupted.
I hope you get it working the translate tool is great :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right it has to do with my PC.
I’m currently using a very low performance PC(256 ram!)
lol why didn’t I think of that before

wow I can’t belive it even runs.

That would explain a lot.

Yeah but it actually runs good, it crashes sometime but its OK.

I’ve also come across another problem, The gradient tool(linear).
when editing linear gradients, the rotate icon shows but it doesn’t rotate the gradient but it moves the gradient around though and the scale icon shows but it does not do anything when I try to scale in/out, the gradient is just deselected when I try to scale in/out.

So basically yes I can move the gradient and yes I can scale it in(in ways I find which is not normal) but I cant rotate for sure.

and is the radial gradient suppose to act so strange? it keeps skewing no matter which point I click lol…

Damn I need a better PC and Animate PRO, I wanna develop my skills so bad but the stuff I use is so limited!( I’ve been animating with a mouse since I started)

I don’t have those issues. I am going to assume most of these wierd issues will be due to your specs.

There is nothing wrong with animating with a mouse. I do :slight_smile:

But yeah you need to update your computer. Your copy of animate is probably worth more than your computer(unless you are using PLE!)

What resolution are running in? 800 by 600?

yeah PLE
and 1024 768

Good luck to you ;D

This sounds like a graphics card issue. What graphics card do you have on the computer? Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements, or it’ll be a headache to work. :slight_smile:

Toon Boom Support

Nope, the PC I’m currently using doesn’t come close to meeting the requirements.

It could be caused by having another layer (possibly w transparent elements) above the one you’re working on, so your clicks with the transform tool are intercepted as trying to select a new layer.

Try to use the transform tool, see which layer becomes selected instead, then hide that layer and try again. Alternatively, the advanced animation tools are pretty cool, and avoid this issue