transform tool acting strangely

Hey guys. I’m not new to the program, but I have no ideas about how I jacked up my rig.
My problem started while I was animating a character rig, using deforms and pegs. For whatever reason, I no longer have a transform box around my body piece (that also has a deform) when I select it with the transform tool in the camera view. When I select the peg in the network it still highlights yellow, but there’s still no transform box around it, only the pivot point is visible. And even with that I can’t rotate the peg.
To whittle down the problem, I removed the deform from a drawing layer that had both a deform and a peg above the deform. Once removed, the transform box for the peg returned, fully functional. My master peg is fine, and so are objects with pegs, but no deforms. Objects kinematiced to other deforms but with no deforms of their own are also fine.
I suspect I hit a keyboard shortcut or unfamiliar UI button and changed a setting for either the deform or peg. It might have something to do with the parenting too.

Anyone know what this is?

Went through Toonboom helpdesk. Problem ended up being the fact that my scene was texture heavy. I needed to go into preferences and up the memory dedicated to texture. They did warn not to go above your graphics card’s limit. In my case, I stayed below my card 3G limit and upped it to 2.5G.
To fix the damage done to the scene, I went into the drawing, cut the drawing and then pasted it again. 90% of the time I got my bounding box back. I’ll have to use my deformer to move the pieces that were stubborn.

Thanks for responding guys!

try Rotate Tool, in Advanced Animation toolbar.

It might be your graphic card getting low on resources.

Try deactivating some parts of your network not related to the deform.
If you can now see the selection box for the transform tool - then the display issue is resource-related.