Transform Keyframe ease

I want to set the ease on multiple keyframes for a layer’s transforms. I can set it manually one key at a time, but that is very time consuming. Is there a way to easily make all transforms on a layer with ease in and ease out. Or is there a preference I can set so that the default is smooth and not linear? I want to do this like you can in After Effects or most of the other animation programs. …is there a script???

yeah Easy Ease in AE is a nice little feature, but can also lead to everything looking the same. i find that i go into the curve editor a lot in AE even after applying EE to a range of key frames.

try hitting “set ease for multiple key frames” button with a selection of key frames in your timeline. hope that helps.

I assume you mean “Set ease for multiple parameters”. ???
That still requires that I go in and pull out bezier handles for the in and out of every keyframe one by one.

I’m looking for a way set ease on possibly hundreds of keyframes w/ one button push. Doing it manually is a huge time suck.

the only advice I can offer is to collapse everything into one master peg (which you should do anyway) on your timeline, and drop your keyframes on that. doing so will put a key frame down on ever layer nested under it. once you have everything hitting their marks, you can select your first keyframe on the master peg, hit “set ease for multiple parameters” and step through your sequence blocking out the ease as best you can. this will apply the ease right down the line to all nested layers. after that, head into your timeline and finesse for overlap, etc.

good luck!