Transform in Z position with Autopatch

HI,I’m studing Harmony but I have a problem I can not solve.
When I want to move a draw on the z axis, how can I maintain autopatch property?
I am preparing a turn around before inserting the peg. I would, in the 34 back and side, move on z arms and legs, but I need the autopatch functions.

I attach a jpeg to explain my problem

there is a procedure to perform? how to solve this issue?
thank you very much for your attention.
good day

Hi mastadaboom,

You may get a better response if you post this in the Harmony section, this is just as poor animate pro users in here. :smiley:

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Are you sure that you’re doing the following?

The requirements for this effect to work are:

• Drawing outlines must be drawn in pencil lines
• Drawing outlines must be drawn in Line Art layer
• Drawing fill colours must be painted in the Colour Art layer

Also, the patch needs to be before the element it is patching in the composite module.

I recommend using vastly different z-index values to stack your elements. That way, if you add more elements to the page later, you have room to layer them in without having to adjust the z-index values of all the other elements. For example:
100 for my top-most element
0 for my middle element
-100 for my bottom element
You can also give two elements the same z-index value. If these elements are stacked, they will display in the order they are written in the HTML, with the last element on top.

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