transform drawing on several layers

I am working in Harmony Stage launched from Control Center, I have a character drawn on several layers: Head, facial and body.
I am not allowed to transform across several layers using the select toll and making a lasso around everything. I can only select content on the currently selected layer.
Working in an offline (not launched from Control Center) Harmony Stage, I have been able to switch on and off the abillity to select on several layers but in this Control Center launced version, that function in the select tools Tool Properties is grey’ed out like it is locked (see attached screen dump).
Why is this locked and where do I find the magic unlock?


Hi There,
By default, when you draw a selection box in the Camera view, the Select tool will select only the drawing strokes of the current drawing. If you prefer the Select tool to select all the strokes on all layers, you can disable the Works on Single Drawing option in the Tool Properties view or the Select Tool Works on Single Drawing under Edit/Preferences/Camera/Tools.