Transform Box Issue

I’m having an issue with the Transform tool on one of my Peg/Drawing layers. It’s a lot easier to show than tell, so hopefully it comes across right.

I’m rigging a character, and the issue is when I rotate the peg of the arm, the transform box scales as I rotate it. This only seems to be on the left upper arm, the right arm on my character is fine

As you can see in the picture attached, the right arm rotates and the Transform box stays in tack

The left arm Transform box scales when I rotate it. It doesn’t seem to scale the drawing itself, but I’m not sure if it will make issues later down the road



haha, hannahb88, I understand your mean.
you just need to cancel the selection, and then select the object the second time, select frame will horizontal display.

try it!


Is this a version of Harmony 12? I only have Animate Pro 3 and the box does not look like those in your pictures. All I can do is point out what I see in the pictures.

You are not working with two identical structures. If you look at the labeled “left” side in the down position the Pivot is in the upper right corner of the box. However, looking at the labeled “right” side the Pivot is not in the corner. The corner of the selection box actually extends to the other side of the neck. Another indicator is the orientation of the bounding boxes in the extended positions: The labeled “left” is a parallel rectangle while the labeled “right” is a diagonal rectangle.

I don’t see scaling between the two. The actual arm sizes look the same before and after being moved. The box may be causing an optical illusion. Perhaps it is fooling me or you?

There is something else different between the two after the arms are moved. On the left the under arm is a sharp corner. On the right the under arm is a curve.