transfer frame to another show?

I have a character in a frame of Harmony Essentials 14, and I want to put that same frame into another show. Can I transfer from one show to another? I have 2 windows of Essentials open at once.

You can use the library for that.
First make a library folder on your computer
(only use a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” to name it)

Then in Harmony’s Library window, right-click
the smaller window and select “Open Library…”
Select the folder you just made on your hard drive.

Right-click the library folder in the library window,
“Right To Modify” (to make the lock incon go away).

Now copy/paste the character from the timeline into
the larger window of the library to make a template.
You will be prompted to name it.

To use the template in a new scene, just drag it from the
library window onto the timeline.