Trailer Trash (new toon)!!

All done!!

Trailer Trash

big thanks to everyone around here who helped me get there.

and my brain sez, “okay, great, whaddaya gonna do next?”

sorry it took 3 minutes to reply to this…busy day at work ::slight_smile:

Awesome! The perspective shots looked great & we got more of a feel for Mac & Retro’s characters, all good things!

So what ARE you gonna do next? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers man, great stuff as always,

Good Stuff Rob!
I like your style! Very creative, funny! Have you ever thought of a music video with theses guys? looking forward to seeing more!


A music video… I guess I have thought about it. I’ve got a few ideas for some music to use, an uncle who’s got a great song I might do, a poem I wrote years ago after getting my first harley that would make a neat song…

A much bigger project than I’ve attempted yet. Could be a good one, and some animation could be reused if I use the music as the basis for the animation.

made me think!

Very cool man, I like it a lot. The characterization is tight, and the expressions read very well.

Rock on,