Trail Version Limmitation

1 . Wanna ask that can i export files from illustator in harmony trail version ? . 2. Is There is any difference between the trail version and the premium version except the time limit ? 3. does trail version export without any watermark on it no matter how long the vedio is ?

As far as I know the 21 day trial version has no limitations:
Choose the version that meets your needs:

But i cannt import ilustator file from the import menu is there anything wrong with it ir its not avalible in trial version?

In the Library view, right-click on the Stage Library folder and select Right to Modify to unlock the library folder. Make sure the Lock icon disappears from the folder. If not, your library will remain locked and you will not be able to import files.

       Do one of the following:
	In the top menu, select File > Import > SWF, Illustrator Files to Library.
	Right-click on any unlocked folder and select Import Files.
            The browser window opens.

	Type in a name for the new template or keep the name of the original AI or PDF file.
	Click OK.
            A new template folder is created in the Library view.
	Drag the new template folder from the Library view to the left side of the Timeline view. Wait until the copy cursor appears before releasing the folder.

	The colour recovery dialog box appears, requesting that a colour recovery should occur. Before clicking the Yes button, you have the option of selecting the Do Not Ask Again  For This Session option if you plan to import multiple .ai or .pdf files.

i have attached the picture of what exactly it look like… i couldn’t click it …looks like it cant be access… check out the picture from the start of conversation

Show me your Library Panel.
Without Right to Modify you won’t be able to import SWF or Illustrator Files.

Have you read the instructions above by NolanScott? Your picture shows an incorrect process for importing Illustrator files. It’s not via File > Import, but via the Library view as the other poster explained in detail.