Traditional Animation Shift and Trace for Inbetweens

After shifting a drawing, lets say shifting drawing “C” over drawing “A” to draw the inbetween “B”, is there a way to automatically shift drawing “B” with a shortcut to a half or third (1/3 or 2/3)? If not this would be a huge help even if it’s only a starting point for people doing traditional animation.

Select the drawing with the Select Tool and use your keyboard arrow keys to nudge.

If you mean to somehow calculate a set fraction between two selected drawings and reposition one to that spot, I doubt that can be done.

“Select the drawing with the Select Tool and use your keyboard arrow keys to nudge.”

I’m talking about “Shift and Trace”. As in temporarily shifting pegs. As in the good old Place and Trace as clean up people call it. Respectfully, what you’re suggesting has nothing to do with Harmony’s “Shift and Trace” feature.

It seems to me that using the first drawing as an anchor and “Shifting” the drawing you are going into it would be easy (?) to add buttons to the “Shift and Trace” button bar that would automatically calculate a 1/2, 1/3, and 2/3 shift for the inbetween. If anyone from Toon Boom can make this happen it would save a lot of time.

Yeah failed that one.

I did not know shift and trace was a mode.

Try asking support whether an option you are seeking exists or can be scripted if not.

If you are lucky a user might know.

Good luck.


This was the reply from the help desk.

Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature for now.
I’ll send a feature request to our R&D department.