Tradigital Animator Question...

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if you paperless traditional animators out there do all of your work in the camera view? Also, if you use the line art and color art layers for your work? If not, why, and what method do you use for your animations? I noticed in the “tradigital” tutorials that the individual doing the animation was indeed using only the camera view, accompanied with the use of the X-sheet of course. I think she did her coloring on the line art layer as well, but I can see why she did her coloring after laying down her line art so that she didn’t get an untraceable blob with the onion skin feature turned on. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys. Great site and great software!

i switch frequently between the two. the camera view has the advantage of having the camera frame actually visible, so you would know where exactly your coloring or animation should end. the drawing view as Lilly explained isolate your layer on a white background, it’s easier and safer to handle individual frames there.

it’s dependant on how you do things really.

Thanks for the responses. I think I’m starting to get a good hold on the software, just had me a little confused with some of the features I’m not used to seeing in other applications, but I think I’m starting to understand their uses and practicality. Thanks again guys ;D

I know that there are a lot of people out there that like to use the Drawing view for frame by frame work. That way they can isolate just the layer they’re working on, and show the other layers for reference by turning the light table on from time to time.

Of course you can work from the Camera View too, it’s just a matter of opinion really.