tradigital animation

sometimes when i’m animating, i need to make a characters arm move only. do I have to redraw the whole character over and over for each frame that his arm is moving only, or is there a solution? ???

hi - have you looked into cutout animation style? you can search it in your F1 Toon Boom Studio help guide… basically, you can save lots of time by drawing the different body part positions, for example the arm from the front, side and back, and then storing them in the template Library to reuse as needed.

Toon Boom Support

What I tend to do, that saves a ton of time, is to put different parts of the body on different layers. Like I will have the upper body on one layer, the head on another, arms on another and so on and so forth. This really helps if you want to do a simple arm or head movement, but don’t want to redraw everything for each frame.

Here is an example of me using this technique, the upper body is one frame, while I animate the legs, lights reflecting and wrinkles in her shirt. Hope this helps.