.tpl or .anim files? Which one for a master character.

Hi all,

Just a quick query over the difference between a template (.tpl) and an Animate (.anim) file? Is there any?

I know that a .tpl file can be updated WHILST an .anim file is running, but 2 .anim files cannot be run simultaneously.

I’ve made my character master, but want to know whether the final should be saved as a .tpl or an .anim, assuming that the character will most likely be updated at various points within the course of the project?

I’m leaning towards saving the character as a .tpl file and updating that as I go because that way it can be edited whilst scenes are running.

Thanks for your help,

Well if you want to import the template into other scene files, you should save it as a template in your library. That way, you can drag and drop the template easily into other scene files.